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Tennis elbow, or elbow tendonitis is a common injury that can happen when you strain your tendons by doing repetitive motions like playing tennis, painting, doing construction work, and more. Any type of motion that you repeat over and over again with your arm and wrist can lead to tennis elbow. Read on to learn more about tennis elbow and what the treatment options are going to be.

If you have tennis elbow you are going to feel pain around your elbow that might spread into your wrist and arm. If you are feeling pain you are going to want to rest your arm and take pain medication. You can usually get by with these simple treatments but sometimes the treatments don’t help and it is hard to take care of your daily activities. If you are having problems that are too painful you are going to want to see a doctor.

You might find that you can’t hold a cup or even open the door.

Your hands might shake when you hold things as well. If your symptoms are severe and rest and pain medication doesn’t work you might have to have surgery. You can usually just stop the motion that is causing the pain for a while and rest the affected arm. Your arm is going to feel better gradually and you will want to avoid doing the activities that have caused you pain.

Tennis elbow is caused by using your muscles too much and your tendons can actually develop tiny tears. You can get tennis elbow from using a mouse too much and construction workers often get it. You are at more of a risk of developing tennis elbow if you are older. Any type of job that uses repetitive wrist and arm movements are more likely to cause tennis elbow. If your symptoms are becoming unbearable, set up an appointment with your doctor to get it treated.

If medication and rest do not improve your wrist you are going to need to think about having surgery. Surgery can be a great alternative and it can help you to restore your wrist. You want to use surgery as a last resort however because there is a long recovery time and the recovery can be painful. It will take some time before you can use your wrist again as well. Check The Best Pain Relieving Patches

If you do repetitive motions and you start to feel pain

You are going to want to try to stop what you are doing and rest before the problem turns more serious. You don’t want to end up with tennis elbow. Make sure you spend plenty of time resting your hand if you start feeling pain so you don’t have to deal with so much discomfort.

Tennis elbow is no fun and you want to avoid it if you can. Be careful of the motions that you do with your wrist and try to avoid anything that is going to give you a lot of pain. Tennis elbow is very painful. click here for more information