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People suffering from chronic pain would do just anything to feel better. Unfortunately, NSAIDs and other pain killers may cause side effects and adverse reactions, so they can’t be a good long-term solution to alleviate the pain. If you also suffer from headaches, back pain, neck pain and other such annoying symptoms, you may want to find the best pain relievers. This article will offer you a few ideas, so let’s see what you can do to stop the pain in your body.

Take Proper Treatment

The most important thing is to find the source of your pain. This is something only a doctor can help you with. Once you are properly diagnosed, you are going to receive treatment for the specific medical condition that causes these symptoms. The moment you’re cured, the pain will go away. However, in case of chronic conditions, you won’t be able to find a cure, so you’ll need to resort to pain relievers to improve your quality of life as much as possible.

Rubs and ointments are quite effective on short-term. Most of them can be bought without medical prescription. However, you have to read some reviews before buying such products, in order to make sure they are truly effective and harmless. Creams based on capsaicin are pretty good, as they have two ways of action. On one hand, they heat the body area where they are applied, intensifying the blood circulation. On the other hand, they act on the nerve endings, causing numbness and alleviating the pain. Although their effect is only temporary, these ointments have a pretty fast onset of action, being therefore a great aid. If you don’t fancy the idea of applying such rubs on your skin, you may want to search for pain relief patches. They have the same effect, but without the mess caused by creams that may stain your clothes or bed sheets.

Consult Your Doctors about pain Relievers

When searching for the best pain relievers, you need to take into consideration both their efficacy and their potentially harmful effects. Even though these products are applied on the skin rather than ingested, their active substances enter the blood stream through capillaries. This means they would trigger the same side effects as pills, so you should be very careful when choosing them. If, for instance, you are forbidden to take NSAIDs, you shouldn’t use any cream or ointment that has this type of active substance, as it’s going to harm you. Even herbal extracts can interact with medication, hence the need for taking with your doctor about your intention to use such real time pain relief topical analgesic relievers. If you are currently under medication, you need to ask your doctor for advice prior to using any topical pain relief product, in order to make sure its active compound won’t interact with your treatment.

All these being said, once you find an effective pain relief cream, you should apply it only as instructed in the enclosed leaflet. Sometimes less is better, so make sure you don’t harm yourself in your wish to live a pain free life.