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Report of Foreign Bank and Monetary Accounts (FBAR)

FinCEN posted a notice on their web site declaring Report of Foreign Bank and Monetary Accounts, the present FBAR form, FinCEN Report 114. FinCEN Report 114 supersedes the preceding years’ form TD F 90-22.1 and is only accessible online through the BSA E-Filing System site.

The efiling system enables the filer to go into the calendar year to the on-line FinCEN Report 114, including previous years. In addition, it offers filers a choice to “clarify a delayed filing” or to choose “Other” and enter up to 750-characters inside a text box to give a further explanation of the delayed filing or to indicate if the filing is created along with the IRS compliance plan.

FBAR bank taxes

On their web site, FinCEN posted a notice on July 29, 2013 introducing a fresh report who need their FBARs file on their behalf or who submit FBARs together with partners.

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