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The environment you’re working in right now can make a world of difference when it comes to your health. The more time you spend sitting and not moving from behind your desk, the more health problems you will develop later down the line. A new trend that’s gaining in popularity are stand up desks. These desks do exactly just that �” they allow you to stand while working! Making the switch to this new and innovative desk will allow you to experience numerous benefits ranging from weight loss to diminished back pain.

Do you spend hours each day sitting behind your desk and typing on the computer?

Chances are that you do, and there’s an even bigger chance that you often feel back pain and fatigue. Unfortunately, the human body is not meant to be stationary, which is why you’re experiencing an immense amount of pain when you spend hours in front of your desk. A stand up desk is able to take care of this by helping you realign your spine as you stand up and practice proper posture while performing your tasks.

Health Disadvantages of Sitting Desks

You may not know this, but prolonged sitting will increase your chances of suffering from obesity and weight gain. Of course, we all understand that exercise is the number one way to quickly burn off calories, but standing instead of sitting can also be beneficial. You can burn over 1000 extra calories each week by choosing to stand behind your desk instead of sitting down in your chair. In short, you can get a healthier heart and diminish your chances of ever suffering from obesity.

standing desk

It also appears the standing desks can help influence your mental well-being as well. In a recently performed seven-week study, participants that used standing desks experienced less fatigue and stress, and also exhibited more energy throughout the day. In short, a stand up desk is healthier for you in more ways than one and will eliminate some or all of the problems that most office workers suffer from. To know more about visit this site