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FPGA programming knowledge is something that many enginners and developers are looking to gain because it is a field that has a wealth of opportunities for people and that is less saturated than other aspects of development.

How to Find Best Development Board?

Finding the best development board is not easy, though – what is ‘the best’ for a beginner may not be so useful for someone more experienced. In addition, the budget that you have for peripherals will inform your decision as well. Do you want something self-contained, or something that has more value with peripherals attached.

There are some great options out there to suit most price points. For beginners, the Papilio FPGA platform is a fun option – it will require you to use a breadboard if you want to do any interfacing, but it’s a development board that is very similar to the basics of a Spartan 3E so you’re learning real world skills.

Differnt Companies uses Different Skills

The Nexys 2 and Nexys 3 boards are good for students that want to get their hands diry, and the Altera DE2 Nano is handy for people who want to experiment with Altera boards without breaking the bank. Xilinx and Altera are both major FPGA board manufacturers, and it’s a good idea to look at what they have to offer and buy something that will give you a similar experience to programming those boards. The core skills won’t change much from company to company, so when you start experimenting with those boards you will learn a lot of things that can be directly applied in the real world.


The “best” board will be the board that has a suitable balance between affordability, features, ease of use and the kind of instructions that it supports. For someone who is just a tinkerer, and who wants to play for their own knowledge and amusement, a good board might be ‘whatever is cheap’ – because allt hey want is something similar to the Arduino, but for FPGA development. For a student, the board may need specific features – and if you’re seeking employment then a lite-version of one of the production environment boards would be a wise purchasing decision. Take some time to think about your requirements and find out what is used in industry today before you head out and make a purchase – because the higher end boards are far from being inexpensive. For more details contact us at:-