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FPGA programming is a useful skill to have. A Field Programmable Gate Array, or FPGA is used to create a circuit. They are like empty canvases that you can use to create whatever you want. You can create circuits to use however you want when you know how to program an FPGA.

Affordable FPGA Programming

The cost has come way down on the FPGA and now they are affordable for anyone to buy. In the past, only larger companies could afford to buy them but since the cost has come down so much, that you can learn how to program fpga, create and start your own circuits because you can afford to buy an FPGA.

There are a few different steps that go into programming an FPGA. You can also reconfigure it as much as you want so it is easy to change the program if you don’t like what you have created. You start by creating a configuration file or bit file for your FPGA. Once this file is created, you can load it and the FPGA will carry out the circuit.

Design Circut

You can design and try out as many circuits as you like with an FPGA and if they don’t work the way you want them to, you just start over again. Having the freedom to design any circuit you want feels great. You are free to do what you want and there are so many things you can create, whether you are designing a powerful processor or an and gate.

You will need to know how to write HDL, and the most powerful ones are Verilog and VHDL. You turn the HDL you have written into a bit file which is used to configure the FPGA. The FPGA uses RAM to store the configuration, so you can’t lose power or you will need to configure it again.