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Believe it or not, all people will at some point in their lives come across different basic electronic components. Regardless of whether this will be to build an electronic device or merely change a light bulb, there will be a time when the core of electronic gadgets will need to be faced. This article will provide information on the different types of basic electronic components, parts and their function.

The Resistor

A resistor is an that provides a resistance against the flow of electrical current in an electronic circuit. This item is one of the most basic and most necessary items in any electrical circuit. Despite the need, the resistor is a small item – in fact it is only slighter larger than a penny.

The Capacitor

Next to the resistor, the capacitor is the most commonly utilized and significant component for any electronic circuit. This item is a device that will temporarily store electric charges in the circuit. Capacitors are available in many different designs, but the most common include the electrolytic capacitor and the ceramic disk capacitor.

electronic components

The Diode

The diode is a device that operates by allowing an existing current flow to pass through the element, but only in a single direction. Larger than the above mentioned items, the diode presents with two terminals known as the cathode and the anode. The current flows through the diode when a positive voltage is applied to the anode and a negative voltage is applied to the cathode. When the voltages are reversed, the current will not flow through the diode.

The Transistor

The transistor is a basic electronic component involved in the control of current flows from a two terminals known as the emitter and collector. The transistor has three terminals with the emitter and collector being two of them, and the base control being the third. The voltage applied for current flow is applied at the base terminal.