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Underarm hair can be quite an annoyance, but sometimes people aren’t willing to shave the hair away, and for good reason. Shaving causes irritation of the skin, especially when the hair grows back, and no one wants that. Some people just want shorter underarm hair without going completely bald, and that can be done with a trimmer. Here is the proper way to trim underarm hair with a trimmer.

Trimming The Underarms

Before trimming the underarms with the trimmer, they should be cleaned with water and soap. Wetting a wash cloth and creating a lather with the soap is the best option for this. The lathered wash cloth should be gently used to scrub the underarms to remove any dirt or debris that may be trapped in the underarm hair. The wash cloth should then be rinsed to remove the lather and then used to wipe soap away from the underarms. The underarms are then dried with a clean towel.

The underarm hair should be fully visible to get a good trim. It may be hard to see all hair with a glance, so a better view point can be given by being directly in the front of a mirror. When the hand of the corresponding underarm that is to be trimmed is placed on the back of the head, the hairs will be in full display.

Underarm hair can get pretty long, and anything over there inches can be a daunting task for a trimmer. The trimmer will have an easier job cutting through the hair when it is shortened using an attachment. By passing over the hair with the attachment, it will reach a more manageable length that the trimmer can tackle later without the attachment.

Chance Of Having Stubble

Once the hair is short enough, the attachment can be taken off and the trimmer can be used to trim to the desired length. The best length for underarm hair is a little below an inch. A cut shorter than this length creates a high chance of having stubble that will be annoying to feel on the skin.

The initial trimming stroke should be made upward, starting at the base of the armpit and continuing to the top. A downward stroke follows this, and then sideways strokes. The hair of the underarms doesn’t grow in one direction, so multiple passes will have to be made to make sure all of the hair is trimmed. There’s no neecd to rush when making strokes, and having a light and gentle touch will ensure that the trim goes smoothly. Once all of the underarm hairs are a consistent length, the trim is done and the other armpit can be trimmed.

Trimming is something that people will have to get used to if they haven’t done it before. After doing it for the first time, it isn’t uncommon to have a little chafing in the underarms. This will eventually pass and the full benefits of a trimmed underarm will be easy to see. A regular trimming once every two to four weeks will be enough to keep the underarm hairs from becoming unkempt while keeping the armpit cool. To know more contact us or visit the website at