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There are a number of ways to pay for a rental if you have decided to stay in one during a trip. It is advisable to contact the rental’s property manager before making any payments so as to ascertain any details such as cancellation fee or inclusive charges. You should pay when you have all the information so that there is no risk of being scammed. Here are some payment options for booking rentals and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Advantages and Disadvantages Booking Rentals

Credit Card Or Debit Card

The advantages of paying for your rental using these methods are

One, There is the fact that your payment can be traced should anything happen. This makes it much easier to know places that are scams online because that will ask for a cash transfer. Do not under any circumstances agree to a cash transfer. Two, the money will be received immediately. There are no delays in payments made with this method unless there is something wrong with your account. That makes it more convenient because you do not need to be worried that your rental will be offered to another person while your money is on the way.

The disadvantage of this payment method is that sometimes a person may use a stolen credit or debit card to pay. There is also the issue of credit cards being declined in some locations especially if you have not informed your credit card company that you are traveling. They may assume the card is stolen and this could cause some difficulties for you.


You can also decide to book your rental and pay via cheque. The advantages of paying with this method are

There is proof of payment. That means that in case of any misunderstanding, you can provide the proof of payment. Most places also accept payment by cheque, so if this is the only way you can pay you do not have to worry about looking for other means of payment. A cheque payment comes with a mailing address, which means that the cheque can be traced to a sender.


One of the disadvantages of this payment method is that it is slower than the payment by credit or debit cards. If you are booking a rental when you need to travel urgently, this can be a problem. You cannot be able to book last minute. The other disadvantage is that a cheque is hard to trace if there is an instance of fraud.


This method is easier because payments are encrypted and it is difficult for fraudsters to get any card number. The payments can also be traced if need be. You are also not required to provide too many details about yourself. However, the disadvantage of this method is that payments are irreversible so if you are scammed you cannot get your money back.


The one advantage here is that you can pay immediately. However, this method is prone to invite scammers. You should ensure the place is legit before making any cash payments. Get more information here