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Just as the hair on your head requires proper nourishment and moisture in order to maintain its health, your face needs this sort of nourishment as well. Clearly, proper nourishment of the skin and hair can go far in helping a person to maintain their look.

Coconut oil keeps your beard healthy, soft and moisturizes the skin underneath of the beard. There are many great beard oil recipes out there but coconut oil is by and far the most natural of all oils and it works well to use as a pre-shave oil, shaving cream, soothing skin balm, and as an aftershave. Nowhere else is there so many benefits in one single product.


Soothe Irritated Skin

Extracted from coconut kernels, the coconut oil is an all natural product that works wonderfully to soothe irritated skin, and to pre-moisturize the beard prior to shaving. It’s also an ideal lubrication for shaving and perfect as an aftershave or balm to soothe the skin after shaving.

Beards will be softer and more pliable and the hair on the face will be far more manageable when coconut oil is used on it. Coconut oil penetrates the skin and the hair shaft causing the hair to be softer.

Many name brand beard oils contain coconut oil as their main ingredient. The coconut oil prepares the skin for the blades of the razor so that the skin isn’t cut or nicked. The beard is ready as it’s softer and more prepared to receive the blades of the razor and cut the hair sharply and effectively.

Non-Allergenic Products

Coconut oil is also an ideal choice for cleaning the skin and hydrating dry skin. It’s not going to lather up as much as regular soap however, it’s going to prepare the skin and the beard to be shaved with a good lubrication that will ensure that you’re not cutting yourself and that your beard is at the ready for that cut.


Once the beard is trimmed up and cut, then use more coconut oil as an aftershave. Many aftershaves have alcohol as their base and this not only stings, it also dries out the skin and is harsh on the skin and the hair. Coconut oil penetrates the skin, lubricates the skin, and hydrates the hair shaft as well as the skin.

This, in turn, offers the skin a myriad of benefits for hydration and all natural non-allergenic products. Coconut oil works well for those who struggle with excessive oils as well as dry skin. When added to the regular shaving regimen, it works double and triple duty as a face wash, preshave ingredient and as an aftershave.

You’ll appreciate that you can save a lot of money by only having to buy one product in lieu of several. You’ll have softer, silkier beard hair and you’ll be able to use it to soothe fly away hairs as well. With so many benefits it just makes sense to use it and save money on your beard care. Coconut oil is an excellent beard care product. To know more about us visit the website at