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When you are looking at your website, you may think that you need to do some work. However, you may not have the budget in place to hire an firm in seo Seattle right away. This is when you should learn about some of the best ways to perform your own SEO Marketing to ensure your Seattle company is going to rank on top of the search engines and easily outrank your competition. Since this is the case here is a couple of things you can do to jump start your SEO work on your own.

Figure Out the Changes

The first thing you should do is look at your website and figure out what kind of changes you should be making to it. For example, you may have your website over optimized and this could easily lead to you being penalized. So you will want to make sure you know about the way your website is laid out, how the links are going to direct visitors around inside of your website, think about Wikipedia they have thousands of links inside the site. So these simple changes can help out in ranking the site.

The next thing is to find out what kind of back link profile you have. This is going to help in getting the website to rank and know the website will rank for the keywords you want to rank for, but also know if you are over optimized for any of the keywords with anchor text or other issues.

Perform SEO Marketing

When you are running your own website, you may not think about getting it to rank in the search engines, but this is a great way to get traffic to the website. This is when you should learn more about how to perform the SEO marketing for the search engine results pages for your website in Seattle, by doing a couple of simple steps.