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Search engine optimization is an art form that SEO experts use to help search engine bot find and appropriately rate a website. The goal of search engine optimization is to get a website to rank high on the first page of the results when an internet user searches for a particular keyword.

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An Analysis of Your Website

An SEO agency will begin by taking a look at your current website, see how different keywords associated with your business rank and check out the competition. An SEO specialist will also discuss with you what you want your website to accomplish and how much organic traffic you have to your site weekly.

All of this information will help the specialist determine what needs to be done to your website and which keywords you should include in your website. Once this information is gathered, the SEO specialist will begin to make changes to your website.

Change in Theme of Website

Some of the changes that an SEO expert may do is to change the theme of your website. The theme of a website includes the layout of the website, the colors and the fonts. The specialist may also determine that some of your keywords need to be changed to help you rank higher. For example, if you have a writing business in Dayton, Ohio, you may be tempted to use the keyword Dayton writer. Because this is such a broad term, you may have a difficult time ranking high. However, changing your keyword to Dayton medical specialty writer may get you to rank better because there probably will not as many writers in Dayton that specialize in medical articles.

An SEO specialist will also help you to create backlinks by asking other website and blog owners to link to some of the content you have posted. Doing this will help to increase your authority online.

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