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If you love money as much as you love your home, you might be the kind of stoic do-it-yourself that handles the maintenance of your home on your own whenever you can. You do this to take care of your home, but also save as many of your hard-earned dollars as you can.

Steps For Roof Inspection and Maintenance

This extends to the roof of your home. If you’ve already gotten used to handling the recommended semiannual roof inspections and maintenance on your own, you might have gotten adept at replacing shingles already. So, if it comes time to do a new roof, you might just decide to tackle it on your own.

Likewise, you might be willing to leave the labor up to a contractor or industry professional, but you decide to buy the shingles on your own in order to give the supplies to them and avoid their own markup costs.

In either case, you need to know how to calculate the roof area on your house plan so you can buy enough shingles to cover it, plus have extras and spares for mishaps or future maintenance.


Check the Best Roofing Maintenance Options Online

How do you do that though? You can certainly look for it online, but many different websites might have different roofing formulas, and some of them might be woefully out of date. Looking for YouTube videos is actually a bit better, as you can get an idea of whether or not the source is an actual expert business that knows what it is talking about.

Ask Professionals or Seek Help at Roofing Equipment Stores

It also never hurts to ask at the store where you might be buying your shingles. Someone roaming the aisles of a home improvement store is often a contractor on other days or has years of experience doing contracting work outside their current job.Read out all about roofing shingles calculator – free roof quotes that will surely help to get an idea on on calculating the roof cost.