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Best Tips to Do It Yourself

If you are thinking about doing your own roofing, you might be able to do the job. However, you will need the proper tools. You also should have sufficient knowledge on the subject. Here are some helpful tips that you may find of use, before you begin your project.

Maybe you have no experience with laying shingles. You may be in for a hard time. One can read books and watch videos but it is not the same thing as getting on the roof and placing down shingles. There is no substitute for experience and you might try practicing with some wood and a few shingles first. If it is too difficult for you, it is probably best to contact a professional roofer.

You will need to take a look at your current roof. If you have a standard home built on a concrete foundation, you can utilize up to three layers of shingles. For instance, your house may have its original roof and it is time for replacement. There is no need to tear off all the old shingles. You can simply roof over them and save an enormous amount of time, work, and expense. Find the average repair cost for new roof.

When you already have three shingle layers, you have to remove all of them before you begin. Also, check with your local government about building codes and permits. You must make sure that everything is done according to your local ordinances.

There is a lot of work to be done when you tear off the old roof. In fact, you should get an estimate from a roofer and compare the difference in price. Most homeowners will find that the extra money spent is well worth it. This saves your back from a lot of hard labor.

Before you choose to remove your old shingles, look for special tools that will make the job easier. A shovel will work, but shingle removing tools are far more effective. You also should invest in a tool that will easily remove nails or staples.

Before you buy your shingles, you need to figure out how many you need. First, measure the width and height of the roof surface and multiply the two figures together. This will give the square footage space. A normal bundle of shingles covers one hundred square feet. If you have about 1500 square feet you will need a minimum of 15 square of shingles.

One square of shingles contains three bundles, and you must keep this in mind. Some lumber yards or home improvement centers sell their shingles by the bundle. Also, order an extra three bundles to allow for waste. This will give you some spare shingles in case you need some in the future, for repairs.

Cost effective roofing
If you are thinking of replacing your own roof, remember that a bundle of shingles can weigh close to 80 pounds or more. You may have to carry these things all the way up a ladder. If you are willing to perform all the hard labor, you can do it. However, you may want to contact a professional roofer and let him take care of it.