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If you know anything about Direct Components Inc., you already know that they are a Tampa-based company that sources different direct components of different electronics devices. But we’re not talking about ordinary components here. We are talking about hard-to-find parts, you know, parts that come from computers that have been rendered obsolete.

Need Help For Restoring Electronic Device?

If you need help restoring a particular electronic device, you can use Direct Components to search for hard-to-find parts. You can do so directly on their website on

The company has millions in stock of obsolete and allocated electronic parts. The company has a great team of purchasing agents that have a worldwide network of sources. This means that if they do not have the part that you need, they will find it for you.

Electronic Components

Of course, just like any other company, there is a limit to their selection of parts. It has access all kinds of active and passive board components. However, it specializes in connectors, capacitors, diodes, integrated circuits, memory, microprocessors, transistors, resistors, relays, LEDs, and semiconductors.

What brands do they carry?

They include the top manufacturers including Analog Device, Altera, Cypress, Dallas/MAXIM, Fairchild, Hitachi, Infineon,  Intel, Linear Tech, Motorola/On Semi/Freescale, National, Samsung, Vishay, TI, and Xilinx.

You can get in touch with the company and ask for a quote by filling up a form on their website. Just make sure to have the component part number and enter it into the appropriate box. Remember, all transactions are done online, and if you give them the wrong part number, you will not be able to use what arrives at your door because it’s not what you need.

Anyway, if you have any questions, you can get in touch with the company on their website.