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While there are some areas of life where insurance is more of a luxury than a necessity, business is certainly not one of them. Especially if your business is your only source of income and you’ve poured your heart and soul into it, you need to protect it. Going without insurance as a business is simply too risky and could cost you everything. Here are seven of the most important types of insurance you need to consider for your business:

General Or Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance will protect your business if the service or advice you offer ever comes into question (by a client or customer). For example, if someone decides to sue you because they believe you offered them erroneous advice or sub-par service, you’ll be covered by your policy.

Workers’ Comp

If you’re like most businesses, you have an employee or two to take care of. Protect them and yourself, in the event that they’re injured on the job. Workers’ compensation insurance keeps them going as they recover and keeps you covered in the meantime.

Insurance On The Property Itself

It’s very important that your business property be insured against things like inclement weather, vandalism and other catastrophic events. Depending on the area your business resides in, you may need flood, hurricane and/or earthquake coverage.

Insurance on the property itself means you should be compensated for any damage that happens to it, so you can quickly make the needed repairs or replacements and get back to business.

Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance can protect you during hard times, whether they are the result of situations beyond your control or not. Talk to an agent about the specifics and learn how this specific type of insurance could keep your business from going under.

Product Liability

If your business makes any products, you need liability protection, even if the product is something basic that you can’t anticipate every causing harm to anyone. Allergies, defects and other unforeseen mishaps could befall a customer, leading to a major lawsuit against you. Even if you don’t think it could happen, be prepared for it, with the right coverage.

Auto Insurance (Even If You’re Not Delivery-Dependent)

As a business owner, you’re liable for anything involving the company, including when it involves a company-owned or operated vehicle. See that any car or truck representing your business is properly insured and if you use your own personal vehicle to transport people, products or even paperwork, it should have all the coverage needed to protect you and your business interests.

Home-Based Business Insurance

Even if you’re operating your business straight out of your garage or basement, insurance is still an important part of your overall success. You might need insurance on your house or the property, depending on how you receive clients or produce goods, but you’ll definitely need some type of protection as a business owner. Research your specifics or contact an insurance specialist to learn how you’ll benefit from insurance if you run your company from your residence.

Insurance backs you up in every aspect of business, from natural disasters to challenging economic cycles and everything in between. Make sure you have all the coverage you need for your business to survive whatever challenges you may face. To know more visit the website at